Decenteralized Crypto Trading Platform

Real-time data analysis at the tips of your fingers: Create unique trading strategies, anticipate market movements, search for big spreads, track and copy the most profitable wallets and much more..

Decentralized Trading Platform

Trading Strategy.

If you are a AlanoAPP user, and you want to be able to anticipate market movements and develop better trading strategies, AlanoAPP will help you in a very simple way.


Smart Contract

AUTOBOOST smart contracts.

AutoBoost is a one of a kind function that has been built into our contract. Some are familiar with buy back tokens, our token is not just another buy back token.

ALANO AutoBoost function is built mathematically to do variable buybacks which adjust based on volume in order to maintain stability. AutoBoost will vary based on the transactions over the past 24 hours which will continue to adjust based on the volume..

AutoBoost will buy back variable amounts every time a sale occurs with ALANO token. This is a one of a kind function which is more powerful than just a standard buyback token

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Tokenomic Alano

Alano Roadmap

Q4 2021 2021
Q4 2021

Technical improvement. Websockets. Contract development. Contract Audit. Whitelist. Privat Sale / Presale. Pancakeswap Listing. Coinmarketcap. Coingecko.

Q1 2022 2022
Q1 2022

UX/UI Redesign. Tokens Promotion tools. Presale Promotion tools. Chart. Listing Exchange. Improvements based on community feedback.

Q2 2022 2022
Q2 2022

DEX integration. Alano Swap Advance Public Release. NFT marketing tools..

Q3 2022 2022
Q3 2022

UX/UI Redesign. More DEX integration NFT Marketplace. Improvements based on community feedback.